Lebanon deports a domestic worker and holds another



Lebanon –the Lebanese General Security recently deported a domestic worker and is holding another, both from the Nepalese community, two women Sushila Rana known as Zogana Rana, Ms. Roja Maya Limbu known as Rosie Limbaugh, after they were detained a week ago.


Both workers are members of the domestic workers union, they were arrested for "unknown reasons", according to a petition that was signed yesterday by a  number of human rights organizations, to demand their release, which carried a title of "Stop the deportation of unionists Zogana and Rose."


These organizations mentioned that the "rumor " of arresting the unionists,was due to their active work in the union. According to the text of the petition, Zogana may be deported today, while the petition indicates that there was no response back to the organizations with any information about the fate of Rosie.


Organizations say that the Lebanese authorities did not authorize any official information explaining the reasons for the arrest and the charges against the detainees.  Zogana and Rosie enjoyed legal residency and the right to work in Lebanon, "where they have been arrested at their work place." The organizations expressed concern over the issuance of the arrest and the quick deportation without any judicial oversight and without being allowed to interview or hire a lawyer to defend them. According to the review by the Lebanese authorities that any legal resident migrant should not be deported, rather only based on a decision issued in accordance with law and after letting  the migrants challenge this decision, to identify the point of view of the rejection of deportation  and to hire a lawyer to defend them under Article 13 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which is part of the Lebanese Constitution.


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