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The Arab Federation of Trade Unions Secretariat has established this site to contribute to supporting the basic rights of workers, especially migrant workers.

In view of the fragile situation of women and youth in the workplace in the Arab region, issues relating to the protection of women and youth from all forms of discrimination and exclusion, took up much space in the contents of this site. An electronic map has been devoted to monitoring the various violations committed against workers.

In order to strengthen the trade unionist capacities, particularly among youth and women, the Executive Secretariat has focused on an e-training program.

The website provides its followers with reference documents on sustainable development issues from trade unionist point of view.

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This site contains:

  • News about the conditions of workers in the Arab region
  • An electronic library
  • A map to monitor violations of trade union rights and freedoms
  • Campaigns
  • Cooperation programs with other organizations
  • Coverage of the activities of the Arab Federation of Trade Unions



Since its establishment in 2014, the Arab Trade Union Confederation has been keen to respect its constitution by holding its constitutional meetings in a timely manner. These Constitutional Meetings consist of: Annual Meeting of the General Council, Annual Meeting of the Executive Office, Annual Meeting of the Financial Supervisory Committee, Annual Meeting of the Rules of Procedure Committee, Annual Meeting of the Youth Committee, Annual Meeting of the Women's Committee


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The Arab Trade Union Confederation (ATUC) team has designed an interactive map classified according to the types of trade union and labor violations, and by the economic sectors and geographical distribution of Arab countries to facilitate the monitoring of the most important trade union and labor violations that occur in the Arab region.

The Arab Trade Union Confederation (ATUC) calls on all trade unions and workers in the region to send violations, issues and news they monitor in their workplaces to contribute to the reduction of labor abuses and violations and contribute to the achievement of social justice and decent work, by sending them to the following e-mail: [email protected]



Morocco - Marrakech - 3-4 October 2018


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The Arab Trade Union Confederation ( ATUC) has launched a series of campaigns to support the workers’ rights in several countries. The Union calls for strong involvement in these campaigns in order to expose abuses against workers in the event of their occurrence and work to defame them internationally. The Arab Trade Union Confederation's campaigns also aim to pressure governments to confront abuses and protect workers' rights, according to the international laws and conventions.

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The Arab Trade Union Confederation seeks through the "e-learning" section of the website to create a simplified lesson on the rights of workers stipulated in the international labor agreements.

The e-learning section contains 3 parts:

The first part is for the videos. It is composed of a set of videos, which aim to simplify the concepts related to "labor" and the rights of the workers and convey them in an understandable simple way.

Mufid's character plays an important role in explaining “these concepts” in a way that would make it clear and easy to grasp their meanings for the readers, regardless of their cultural level. Thus, anyone would be able to understand his or her rights guaranteed by the international conventions and agreements and they will be able to defend them in reality.

The second part is “Infographic”. It aims also to simplify the concepts of workers' rights and the economic and social challenges through the "image" technique, in addition to presenting a set of ratios and statistics.

The third part is an integrated e-learning system. This system will be available for the youth unionists (beginners) to take advantage of a number of training courses, which are provided by a number of trainers through video courses.

The system divided into three levels, in which the trainee advances from level 1 to 2, and 3. Then, graduates will receive certificates in trade union training,

which will enable them to develop their abilities and which will push them to keep up with the e-learning system.

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On the official website of the Arab Trade Union Confederation, there is a comprehensive library that containing a collection of works related to the trade union work, and the economic, social and political circumstances and challenges of the Arab countries. The library is divided into seven major sections: "articles, books, reports, research papers, studies, theses and political papers". The library has a "search engine" to facilitate the searching process for the visitor or researcher by identifying "the concerned country, the field of research (trade union rights and freedoms or social dialogue and collective negotiations), the date of research and the language adopted." It is also possible to download the various books, studies, theses and reports in the form of "pdf". The Arab Trade Union Confederation wishes you a pleasant reading and invites you to participate with your materials that may benefit the workers, trade unionists and those interested in the labor and trade union issues.

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