About 6.4% of the Kuwaitis suffer from unemployment


The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Qabas, revealed that the percentage of migrant workers in Kuwait increased by 1.8% compared to Kuwait’s population.

The newspaper published an article based on the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) labour statistics report, which was issued in the first quarter of this year. This report focused on the five year period from 2013 to 2017 which showed a decline in the national employment rate in 2017 by about 1.3% compared to the previous years.

According to statistics from the Public Authority for Civil Information (P.A.C.I) regarding the total number of workers in the country, up until the beginning of this year, the number of migrant workers rose from 66.5% to about 81% of Kuwait’s total workers, an increase of 15%, according to the report.

The report pointed to a significant increase in the number of migrant workers in Kuwait working in both the government and private sectors: about 128,612 new workers. This makes the total number currently working about 2.1 million workers.

The Kuwait Labour Index in the GCC report was the only inconstant rate among the GCC countries. In fact, the migrant labour index recorded a remarkable rise during the five past years (80 degrees), as it had been steady, ranging from 60 to 68 degrees. In addition, the national employment rate declined from 45 to 40 degrees.

As for unemployment, Kuwait ranked second just after the UAE with 2.2%. Moreover, the report showed that 6.4% of the citizens are unemployed (14,800 citizens); whereas the unemployment rate among the non-Kuwaitis is 1.7%, the highest compared to other Gulf countries. In 2017, this rate was the lowest compared to the previous years.

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