Algeria: Workers from the KouGC and "COGRAL" groups refuse to get involved in Kouninef family issues


Workers at the KouGC group—which produces “net” oil—and workers at the “COGRAL” group for public works launched their second protest on July 15 against the freezing of the company's assets, following the ruling of the Supreme Court to confiscate the Kouninef’s properties.

Local media reported that the workers had not received their financial dues for two months following the investigating judge’s decision to freeze all the properties belonging to the Kouninef brothers because of their recent convictions in corruption cases. The workers also asked public authorities to honor their pledges to protect the workers’ rights and provide them with jobs, as the company employs more than 2500 families.

The protesters asked the government to help facilitate the timely disbursement of their wages in order to meet the harsh social conditions they face, as the salaries are the only source of income for many of the workers’ families.

Meanwhile company officials confirmed that most of the demands call for the continuation of work and to ensure the workers’ financial and moral rights. In addition, the workers denied any intention to defend the Kouninef brothers, declaring their rejection of the way they were judged, as they were also victims of this verdict.

They also called on public authorities to intervene by nationalizing the company and appointing a new director who would ensure the payment of their wage as soon as possible.

The Kouninef family is one of the wealthiest families in Algeria, active in the field of finance and business since the 1970s.

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