Egypt: Details emerge from meeting between the Ministry of Manpower and trade unions


Last Sunday, the Ministry of Manpower hosted a meeting with a delegation of trade union representatives comprising about 30 trade unionists. The union representatives were accompanied by lawyers representing the Center for Trade Union & Workers Services. The date of the meeting had already been scheduled and set the preceding week, with the legal adviser of the Minister of Manpower in attendance to discuss and settle the trade union organizations’ situation.

The Center for Trade Union & Workers Services affirmed in its Facebook page that this meeting was organized by the ministry, that the meeting was indeed attended by the ministry’s legal adviser, two officials representing the trade union party, and the minister himself.

The Minister of Manpower stressed at the beginning of his presentation in the meeting that all the trade union organizations are treated equally and fairly without any bias. "The government does not oppose the presence of more than one trade union and it is ready to cooperate with all the trade union organizations and ensure their freedom and independence," he said.

Those in attendance welcomed the trade union organizations’ legal amendments. They considered it as a positive step to put forward, although that it was ‘insufficient’, to meet all their aspirations, stressing that the fair implementation of the law takes priority, as well as the settling of all the trade union organizations’ problems.

The unions’ representatives discussed the arbitrariness and intransigence they suffered from, stressing that many of these practices lack a legal basis. Moreover, they asked for the fair implementation of Law No. 213 of 2019 and its executive regulations.

The meeting ended in an agreement with the legal advisor, which stipulates that all the trade union organizations, each separately, should file a request to improve their situation, accompanied with an explanatory note that includes all the needed documents and data. The agreement promises that their respective situations will be settled on a case by case basis.

#Egypt #Details emerge from meeting between the Ministry of Manpower and trade unions