Jordan: Female foreign women workers get 69% of manufacturing jobs


Analytical reading of the industrial sector reality in Jordan (2012-2016), published by the General Statistics Department, indicated that Jordanian women workers in the manufacturing sector obtain only half of the jobs created by the sector. The number of women workers in this sector reached 47,597 in 2016, of which 23,859 were women with a rate of 50.1%.

For its part, the Jordanian Women Solidarity Institute reported, quoting the annual statistical report 2018 of the General Department of Statistics, that the rate of Jordanian women fell to 31% saying that the number of foreign women workers in the sector is 14,767 (for a total of 47,710) which indicates an increase in the number of foreign women workers in 2018, an increase of 213% (10,493 women workers in 2012 against 32,943 women workers in 2018). In return, the number of Jordanian women workers decreased by about 25.8% (19,906 women workers in 2012 against 14,767 in 2018).

The association asserted that these figures do not reflect the actual number of foreign women workers in Jordan since many of them did not register with the Ministry of Labor and its various regional directorates. And to add that the participation of Jordanian women in the economic sector has experienced a significant regression which has increased the unemployment rate for women to 28.9% in the first half of the current year (the unemployment rate among men is 16.4% while it was 19%).