Morocco: Protest by agriculture and forestry workers expected next Tuesday in eastern region


The regional office of the national federation of the agricultural sector of the Moroccan Workers’ Union in the eastern region announced it was organizing a protest to take place on Tuesday, July 23, starting from 10:30 am in front of the headquarters of the regional directorate of agriculture in Oujda.

The reasons behind this protest are mainly the violation of the workers’ gains, the liquidation of lands and real estate by the ministry in the eastern region, and the deprivation of the basic rights of agricultural sector employees, such as those camping in Al Saidia camp.

The sector’s employees complain about the Saidia summer camp, under the FOSAGRI, as it is the one responsible for the provision of social services for public sector workers. Moreover, they condemn the conspiracies and the intimidation methods used by some officials within the ministry against their interests.

In a communiqué, the regional office called on the agricultural and forestry sector employees to join the upcoming protest in the various regions of the eastern region which includes Oujda, Jarada, Borkan, Bouarfa, Fajij, Nador, al-Driouch, Taourirt and Jersif.