Morocco: Reform of education and training system widely criticized


work law on the reform of the education and training system approved by Parliament after great controversy. The Federation considered that this reform undermines the right of the Moroccan people to free public education, unified and of good quality, saying that the same reform will establish the monopoly of the private sector on Moroccan education.


work law 51-17 of the reform of the system of the education and the formation went through great difficulties before being approved, on July 22, by the Parliament and, August 2, by the Senate. Following major debates, the text ended up being approved thanks to consensus among the various parliamentary blocs, despite the major criticisms of public opinion.


The International Federation of Teachers' Unions cautioned against the negative impacts of the privatization of education explaining that this is totally against the principles of equality, equity and the fight against discrimination. And to add that this privatization is solely financial and fits in the logic of capitalism that monopolizes the world.

work law 'will destroy what is left of free education in Morocco all under the guise of partnerships with families and civil society'.


On the other hand, the International Federation of Trade Unions has described the situation of some education workers in the private sector (contract teachers, primary school teachers, caretakers and cleaners) as 'catastrophic'.