United Arab Emirates: Average drop in transfers of foreign workers in first quarter of 2019


The average transfer of foreign workers to the United Arab Emirates during the first quarter of 2019 was down compared to the same period of the previous year with 80.96 billion dirhams (about 12.22 $) against 88 billion dirhams in 2018.

The Emirati press agency reported, quoting the UAE's Central Bank, that the value of transfers of foreign workers to other countries was about Dh 42.55 billion ($ 11.63) in the second quarter of this year. India was the most important destination for personal transfers in the same period with about 37.2% of all transfers. Pakistan was ranked 2nd with an average of 10.5%, followed by the Philippines with 7.2% and Egypt with 6.3%.

The United Kingdom obtained 3.8% of total transfers followed by Bangladesh with 3.7%, the United States of America with 3.3%, Jordan with 2.6%, Switzerland with 2.2% and China with 1.5%. According to media reports based on government data published in 2018, the total population of the UAE has reached about 9.5 million people, 59% of whom are Asians, 4.23% Egyptians and 17.94% other nationalities. 2.6 million Indians live in the United Arab Emirates, 1.2 million Pakistanis, 700,000 Bangladesh, 530,000 Philippines and 400,000 Egypt.